Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance

Rice University maintains workers' compensation insurance coverage for the protection of individuals where an employer-employee relationship exists. For more information about this policy, who it applies to, payment for lost time and medical benefits, restricted duty/light duty, and return to work, please refer to Workers Compensation | Policies | Rice University

How To Report A Claim

An employee must report an injury or illness from an occupational disease to his or her supervisor immediately. The supervisor or another administrator must complete the First Report of Injury/Illness form and immediately forward it to the Director of Risk Management for processing. You may obtain a First Report of Injury/Illness form from Risk Management or from the TDI website at Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness.

Options on returning the First Report of Injury/Illness form:

  • Email to
    If the form is emailed, please password protect the document and email the password separately.
  • Send via Box

Texas Workers Compensation Act

For more information about the Texas Workers Compensation Act please refer to the Division of Workers Compensation at the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) website at

Nova Clinic Locations

Nova clinics are full-service medical facilities that provide healthcare services for workers' compensation injuries and transportation to/from any of their locations.