Additional Resources

Environmental Health and Safety

For more information about ergonomic evaluations, emergency procedures, hazard communications, laboratory safety, hazardous chemical removal and office safety tips please refer to the following website:

For reporting property or non-work related bodily injury accidents that occur on campus, complete and submit the Accident/Injury Report to the Risk Management Office.


The global spread of COVID-19 is being closely monitored by Rice University. Please visit for COVID-19 related Information for the Rice Community.

Prevention is a key to mitigating the risk of catching and/or spreading viruses. The CDC has up to date information on the status of this world-wide virus, visit their site for more information.

International SOS has shared some Tips on Eating Right and Taking Care of Your Body while working remotely as working from home can cause fatigue. A change in our work environment and daily routines can have big impacts on our physical and emotional well-being. Practicing good ergonomics like having a dedicated work space and having healthy eating habits is key. Click on the following links for tips on eating right and taking care of your body!

Emergency Management Plan

The University has prepared an Emergency Management Plan to provide direction to faculty, staff and students in the event of a potential or actual emergency. For more information about this plan please refer to the following website:

In addition check the Emergency Information website at for current information.

Student Accident/Medical Insurance

For more information about student accident/medical insurance plans available to Rice University students please refer to the following website:

Nova Clinic Locations-Work Related Injuries

Nova clinics are full-service medical facilities that provide healthcare services for workers compensation injuries and transportation to/from any of their locations.

Nova Clinic Locations