Insurance Policy Information

The following is a brief summary of some of the insurance policies in effect.

Automobile Liability Insurance

University owned, leased, rented and loaned vehicles are covered under an automobile liability insurance policy subject to a $1,000 collision deductible, a $500 comprehensive deductible and a $25,000 liability deductible. The limits of liability coverage are $1 million per occurrence. To avoid paying a physical damage deductible consider using your P-Card to rent a vehicle if appropriate. Note the information below:

*Rental Vehicles - Special Note On P-Card Usage

If you rent a vehicle for 31 consecutive days or less MasterCard provides primary collision/loss damage coverage for up to $50,000 per incident on rental vehicles. The Master Card cardholder and those designated in the vehicle rental contract as authorized drivers are covered by Primary Collision/Damage insurance. Coverage is also provided for the period of time the vehicle is being repaired (“Loss of Use” charges). A claim must be reported within 30 days. To report a claim call MasterCard at 1.800.MC.ASSIST. Ask for a claim form. Complete and send the form to MasterCard for processing. You can also visit their website to file a claim and check the status.

Most vehicles including minivans and sport utility vehicles with a gross weight less than 6,000 pounds are covered. Trucks, trailers, pickups and full-sized vans mounted on a truck chassis are not covered by this agreement. Rice University’s automobile insurance policy would provide coverage for this type of vehicle less the appropriate deductible.

If you are involved in an automobile accident contact the Director of Risk Management at extension 4751 as soon as possible.

Use of Personal Vehicles for University Business

From time to time departments may authorize faculty, staff and/or students to use a personal vehicle for business purposes.
In case of an accident, the driver's personal auto liability policy will respond on a primary basis. Once the driver's personal auto liability insurance is exhausted the University's auto insurance covers in the excess. The University is not responsible for any physical damage to an employee or student's vehicle. University employees and students should have both liability and physical damage coverage in place on their personal auto.

Fine Arts Insurance

The fine arts insurance applies to property owned by or loaned to Rice, while located anywhere on campus or worldwide. This insurance also covers items located at any other location and while in transit. The deductible is $1,000 per claim.

Foreign Commercial Insurance

During international business travel university personnel are insured under a Foreign Insurance Policy. This policy provides the following coverage:

1. Foreign Commercial General Liability - This policy provides coverage for third party bodily injury and property damage claims. For example, if an employee or a student attends a conference in a foreign country and accidentally injures another individual this policy would address any alleged damages.

Limit of Coverage: $1 million per occurrence

2. Foreign Commercial Automobile Liability - This policy provides excess coverage for bodily injury and property damage claims for non-owned, hired or owned vehicles. This policy is not primary. You must purchase the automobile insurance coverage offered by the rental car agency.

Limit of Coverage: $1 million per occurrence

3. Foreign Workers Compensation/Employer's Liability - This policy applies to injury caused by an accident occurring during the course and scope of employment while traveling in a foreign country. For example, if an employee is attending a conference and sustains an injury a claim can be filed with the insurance company. Due to certain coverage limitations addressed in the policy it is important to notify Risk Management in the event your department opens an office or sends an employee overseas for an extended period of time.

If you are injured while working abroad contact Europ Assistance USA. Note following important phone numbers:

  • IDD + 800-0200-8888 toll free outside the U.S. and Canada
  • 1+ (202) 659-7777 Collect outside the U.S. and Canada
  • IDD + 1 + (202) 659-7777 Direct dial outside U.S. and Canada.

Provide the operator with the policy plan number (PHFD37918088) and identify yourself as a Rice University Employee.

Liability Insurance

United Educators Insurance, a Reciprocal Risk Retention Group, (UE) underwrites Rice University's Educators Legal Liability, Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability insurance policies. The UE staff of risk management professionals is available to address specific risk issues. Sample policy and procedure documents, industry white papers and college and university benchmark information on various business risks are available online in the UE risk management library. If you wish to learn more about these insurance policies and risk management services please contact Risk Management at extension 4751.

Miscellaneous Articles Floater Policy

As an alternative to the property policy, a department can elect to buy down the higher deductibles afforded under the property policy by purchasing insurance to cover computer equipment, electronic equipment, scientific equipment, fine arts and audio and video equipment. This policy provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to property scheduled on the policy, which includes coverage for theft, transit, flood and fire and lightning. The deductible is $10,000 per occurrence for flood/earthquake and 2% for windstorm and hail. For all other perils including fire, lightning and theft the deductible is $500 per occurrence. Deductible structures may vary depending on the value of the equipment. If you wish to learn more about this policy please contact Risk Management at extension 4751.

Property Insurance

The property insurance policy provides blanket "all risk" coverage for building and contents including loss of business income and extra expense coverage subject to various limits and deductibles. If you wish to learn more about this policy please contact Risk Management at extension 4751.

Items Covered
Building Contents
Business Income and Extra Expense
Computer Equipment
Computer Systems-Software, Data
Accounts Receivables
Valuable Papers
Breakdown of boiler, A/C and building heating equipment

Travel Accident Insurance

Rice carries a travel accident insurance policy covering faculty, staff and students who are in the service of the University and travel for the University. Benefits are afforded for accidental death and dismemberment subject to certain exclusions referenced in the policy.

This policy also includes Travel Assistance Program. The coverage is 24 hour, business or pleasure and is extended to any faculty or staff (or family members who accompany the employee) insured under the Hartford policy.

The Travel Assistance Program includes toll-free emergency assistance for you, your spouse and your dependents (children to age 19, or 25 if a full-time student) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when traveling 100 miles or more from your primary home (national or international travel) for 90 days or less, including:

  • Medical Referrals – Refers you to physicians, dentists and medical facilities worldwide.
  • Medical Monitoring – During the course of a medical emergency, professional case managers, including physicians and nurses, will monitor your level of care and determine if further intervention, medical transportation or possibly repatriation is needed.
  • Medical Evacuation – Transportation to the closest medical facility that can provide an appropriate level of care will be arranged and paid for if medically necessary.
  • Repatriation – Transportation home for further medical treatment will be arranged and paid for if medically necessary.
  • Emergency Medical Payments – Advances funds to cover on-site medical expenses, upon satisfactory guarantee of reimbursement.
  • Return of Mortal Remains – The proper return of remains for burial will be arranged and paid for in the event of death while traveling.
  • And other additional services.

You can contact Europ Assistance Services, USA at 800-243-6108 if in the US or Canada, or collect from other locations at 202-828-5885, fax 202-331-1528. The policy number is ETB-012047.

The program offers funds up to $1,000,000 to cover services provided. A service qualifies for payment or reimbursement only if Europ Assistance was contacted at the time of service and arranged and/or pre-approved it. In an emergency, seek care and then contact Europ Assistance for approval and services.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Employees or students who sustain a job-related injury or illness must report the injury or illness to their supervisor as soon as possible. A First Report of Injury/Illness form must be completed, signed by the supervisor and sent to the Risk Management office. (MS-670) You may obtain a First Report of Injury/Illness form from Risk Management or from the Texas Department of Insurance(TDI) website at