University Programs or Activities Involving Minors

Each year Rice University faculty, staff and students host a variety of virtual, on- and off-campus programs and camps for minors, individuals under the age of 18 who are not enrolled or accepted to enroll in a degree program at Rice. These activities range from summer sports camps to STEM focused programs to creative writing camps. Almost every department across campus provides some type of programming to the K-12 audience. The goal of this site is to provide information and resources to campus program sponsors. If you have any questions regarding hosting programs for minors, please contact the Youth Protection Manager at

Policy Guidelines

Program directors and all authorized adults participating in a program must adhere to Policy 811 - University Programs or Activities Involving Minors. This policy identifies programmatic safeguards and requirements, including program registration, background check requirements and identifying other topics that organizes are advised to follow.

Reporting Child Abuse

All Rice employees, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and independent contractors have a legal obligation to report abuse or neglect whether it is witnessed, suspected, or reported. If you witness or receive a report of child abuse or neglect:

  • Remove the minor from the abusive environment.
  • Call the Rice University Police Department at x6000 or 713-348-6000 for any on-campus, off-campus or virtual program with minors. Provide as much information about the witnessed, suspected, or reported abuse as possible. RUPD will inform the reporter if a report to an outside organization will need to be made.
  • Report the situation to your supervisor or if they are the abuser, someone else in a management role.
  • The Youth Protection Incident Report must be filled out within 24 hours of the report to RUPD.
  • Contact the Youth Protection Manager with additional questions at 713-348-5068 (during work hours) or 832-713-7108 (after work hours) or
  • Suspected or actual wrongdoing may also be reported through the Rice University EthicsLine or by calling 866-294-4633. Reports may be submitted anonymously and confidentially and will be directed to the appropriate University official for investigation.

Questions? Contact us at our information below!

Phone: 713-348-5068 (during business hours); 832-713-7108 (after business hours)
Text: 832-713-7108