University Programs or Activities Involving Minors

Each year Rice University hosts a number of programs and camps for minors. These activities vary campus-wide. Policy 811, University Programs or Activities Involving Minors, contains guidelines and considerations for Rice programs that involve minors. This policy identifies safeguards and requirements (such as registering the program with Risk Management, refraining from private one-on-one interactions, creating emergency plans, and completing child protection training) and identifies other issues that organizers are advised to consider.

Virtual or Online Program Guidelines

Please review the FAQ’s often in case of any changes and/or revisions.

Program Registration

To register your program with risk management (including student organizations and clubs), please go to the Minors Program Registration system and complete the program registration process. In addition, if your program involves minors engaged in lab activity please go to Guidelines for Minors in Laboratories and review the guidelines provided; the completed registration form will be routed to Environmental Health & Safety, STEMS, and Risk Management. For additional information regarding minors engaged in lab activities refer to Policy 313, Laboratory Safety Policy.

Child Protection Training

University faculty, staff, students, volunteers, interns, and independent contractors must complete Child Protection Training. However, this requirement does not apply to any individual who has only incidental contact with children in the course of performing their job duties. The required training is an hour long and will cover a number of topics including:

  • Definitions of various forms of abuse
  • Signs and effects of abuse and molestation
  • Steps for reporting known or suspected abuse

Successful completion of the training must occur 5 days prior to the program start date. Recertification is required every two years. You will receive an email from with instructions on completing the child protection training once you are listed as an authorized adult in a university program or activity involving minors.

Background Checks

Any adult participating in a Program who has direct contact or will be in a private or secluded area with minors must have a current background check (within the last three years) on file with Risk Management before participating in activities with minors. You will receive an email from with instructions on completing the background check once you are listed as an authorized adult in a university program or activity involving minors.

A decision denying an individual permission to participate in a program will be made in consultation with the Human Resources department and others as appropriate. The department or office in charge of the program will be notified accordingly.

Reporting Child Abuse

All of us have a legal responsibility to report abuse whether it is witnessed, suspected, or reported. If you witness or receive a report of child abuse:

  • Remove the child from the abusive environment
  • Call 911 to report the abuse to local law enforcement if the activity is off-campus or the Rice Police Department at extension 6000 if the activity is on campus.
  • Report the situation to your supervisor or if they are the abuser someone else in a management position.

Supervisors should file an online report with the Texas Department of Family Protective Services at

If you have any questions or concerns about registering your event or training please contact the Risk

Management Office at 713-348-5082 or